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Customs, Legal and Fiscal Advise and Consultancy

Special projects require additional care. In addition to clearing goods, our mission is to provide full advise and consultancy in foreign trade operations, adding value to our clients' businesses through a highly trained technical team, the use of the most modern information technology tools and based on stricter ethical, moral standards and in compliance with legal norms. Our multidisciplinary team enables us to meet all customs, legal and tax demands in the planning and execution of your project.


  • Consultancy to improve the overall performance of Import and Export operations (Reduction of Deadlines, Costs and Occurrences)

  • Tax consultancy;

  • Advise and consultancy for closing third-party Drawback Concession Acts;

  • Qualification and planning for the operation of special customs regimes;

  • Obtaintion and / or Renewal Ex-tariffs;

  • SISCOSERV Classification and Registration (NBS);

  • Tax Classification Project (NCM)

  • Product Catalog - Creation and adherence of the database for upload to “Portal Unico”;

  • Product Database Review and Maintenance;

  • Issuance of technical reports and legal opinions;

  • RADAR habilitation;

  • Negotiation and Monitoring of Projects and / or Specific Claims with government sectors and / or class entities;

  • Back-to-Back operations;

  • Registration of financial operations RV, RC, ROF BACEN;

  • Imports of used goods;

  • Import of used production lines;

  • Advisory and Consulting while accessing foreign markets;

  • Audit of import processes through the recovery of Dis in XML in Siscomex and treatment of information in the database;

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