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Support program for companies wishing to participate on foreign trade market.

Brazil's participation in global  trade market  is still very small. Growth in the coming years is expected to be exponential. Operating in this market certainly brings many opportunities, risks and challenges. Companies that are able to act in accordance with domestic and international customs legislation acquire an important competitive advantage.

We advise companies wishing to start in international trade, from the opening of the company and qualification to operate as an importer / exporter, to door-to-door transport, going through all matters related to taxation, negotiation, import / export exchange, etc. 



  • Advise and consultancy for opening an import / export company,

  • Advisory and Consulting for access to foreign markets;

  • RADAR qualification;

  • Obtaining necessary certifications from government agencies;

  • Assistance in negotiation and determination of transport and delivery conditions;

  • International door to door transportation;

  • Document analysis;

  • Advise and consultancy for exchange closing;

  • International insurance;

  • Customs clearance.

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