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TRACE International Inc. is a globally recognized organization against corporate bribery and a leading provider of third-party risk management solutions. TRACE's Due Diligence certificate is based on internationally recognized standards and aims to collect and analyze Compliance information that demonstrates the entity's commitment to transparent business practices.


PARROCHA GROUP condemns and combats all corruption practices. To this end, we participate annually in the certification process with TRACE. Certification is granted after a due diligence audit, which takes place annually and on a voluntary basis. During due diligence, we provide various documents and information to TRACE International, which analyzes them independently in order to verify that the practices adopted are in accordance with those accepted internationally. At the end of the process, TRACE International issues a due diligence report in order to share the verified information and the obtained findings.

In this report will be available:

  • Points of attention identified (Red Flags);

  • Comprehensive anti-corruption questionnaire;

  • Documents collected and reviewed;

  • Names and CVs of owners, directors and key employees;

  • Commercial and financial references;

  • Code of Conduct, with mention of anti-corruption practices, duly signed;

  • Certificate of completion of course on anti-corruption practices;

  • Evaluation of reputation, among other information.

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