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The customs administration has become increasingly demanding with the fulfillment of the numerous obligations that aim at greater control and inspection over the operations of companies operating in foreign trade. Non-compliance or non-observance of the rules can become a real nightmare for companies that operate with import and export. Heavy fines and penalties can make operations unfeasible and generate huge losses. In this environment there is no room for amateurism. Companies need to rely on experienced and technically qualified partners to avoid “surprises” and guarantee the success of operations. PARROCHA is the right choice for your company. We seek to be recognized as partners of excellence, which help companies to achieve their goals, generating value and promoting competitiveness gains. Operating from our own structures and an extensive network of agents and partners, we are able to provide customs clearance services throughout the brazilian territory. All information regarding the processes is available for consultation, in real time, online at our website.  


Services provided in customs clearance:

  • Advisory and Consultancy for Issuing Foreign Trade related documents: commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and bill of lading;

  • Pre-shipment check and approval of all documents relevant to the import and export process;

  • Cost evaluation for imports and exports;

  • Tax classification of products;

  • Preparation and registration of all documents related to the import and export processes;

  • Following up the customs clearance process with real-time information available to customers at our website;

  • Availability of periodic reports to analyze the performance of customs processes (KPIs);

  • Issuance of ‘Notas Fiscais de Entrada” automatically from our computer system.

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